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Vol 1: Supernatural Horror in Music (Black Sabbath)
Vol 2: Songs of Protest & Apocalypse (Paranoid)


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Black Sabbath: The Illustrated Lyrics is an eight-volume book series, published by The Royal Publisher of Oz, that provides an in-depth analysis of every song from the original Black Sabbath's eight album canon, exploring the band's rarely discussed themes of social criticism, lament, spirituality, addiction, as well as occasional humor.  Accompanying the text are illustrated works from some of the most exciting names in surrealistic, visionary, sci-fi, horror and fantasy art, including modern artists and legendary masters. 


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Kristian Adam Alex Cherry Jorgen Mahler Elbang Carlos Huante Mario Martinez (Mars-1) Michael Ryan Vergvoktre
Jake Adams Janet Chui Esao John Hurford Rodney Matthews Viktor Safonkin Norberto Villanueva
Aeron Alfrey  John Clementi Alessandro Fantini Michael Hutter Meats Meier Erik Schumacher Anne Worbes
Jersson Álvarez (Egoeus) Sue Coe Jeremy Geddes Aunia Kahn Damian Michaels Cody Seekins Pavel Zacek
David W. Aronson Seth Collett Yaroslav Gerzhedovich Oleg Korolev Erlend Mřrk Anton Seminov Siegfried Zademack
Alessandro Bavari R.C. Connett Scarlet Gothica Jaroslaw Kukowski Wojciech (Voytek) Nowakowski Natalie Shau Dariusz Zawadzki (Yogoro)
Zdzislaw Beksinski Yo Coquelin Wolfgang Grasse Kris Kuksi Scott Partridge Herman Smorenburg Daniel Zrno (Quetzy)
Ania Bibulowicz Jaroslaw Datta Mark Henson Pol Ledent Chris Peters Nathan Spoor And many more!!


Simon Boisjoli David Defigueredo David Ho Laurie Lipton Leo Plaw Julia Starr  


Marcela Bolivar Michele G. Dodds Sean Hopp LostSoulsArt Eric Pouhier J.P. Targete  


Melissa Bond Natalia Drepina Mia Bailey Hopper Wesley Lowe Jean Pronovost Ben Upham  
Mike Bukowski Toshio Ebine John Howe Fernando Martín Kostya Prozorovsky Christophe Vacher  


Interested in contributing artwork to a future volume, or have any questions, contact the publisher here.